The Marvin Hill Youth Empowerment Fund


Marvin Hill graduated from Noble High School in 1977 and received his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Social Work from East Central State University in Ada, Oklahoma in 1981.

An employee with the State of Oklahoma for over 30 years, Marvin's career began as a social worker with the Child Welfare Unit, Department of Human Services. He later transferred his state service to Court Related and Community Services (CRCS) in Cleveland County. He has held numerous positions with the Office of Juvenile Affairs; Juvenile Probation/Parole Counselor; Assistant District Supervisor; Program Manager; Administrator of Programs, Central Oklahoma Juvenile Center; and currently as Assistant Division Director, Community-Based Youth Services Division.

Marvin has always been a caring, committed, loyal, dedicated, hard-working employee whose passion for helping youth has been evident throughout his career. He strived to always provide each client an opportunity for a better life. He often goes above and beyond his job duties to help those in need, spending countless hours of his own time helping youth and families in the system. He has been a role model to others to go the extra mile for a youth in need. Marvin has demonstrated strong leadership skills and he has a proven commitment to his family and the community at large. He has always had the desire to give back in a meaningful and enduring way.

In November 2012, Marvin was diagnosed with brain cancer. He has had surgery and is currently receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatment. He has refused to let his illness dictate the terms of his life; concerned inquiries about his illness are quickly steered to other topics. His compassionate spirit to help others is stronger than ever, and his unwavering positive attitude, determination, courage and strength is an inspiration to all those around him.

In tribute to Marvin Hill, we have established the Marvin Hill Youth Empowerment Fund to help youth and families in need. The fund will offer help when parents and caregivers have exhausted all other resources to meet the needs of children. Funds will be used to purchase the immediate and crucial needs for youth in crisis, i.e. food, clothing, personal items, household items, recreational supplies, educational costs/fees, medical costs, transportation.